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Finance for Manager

Contents | Introduction | 3 | The requirements and techniques for financial recording and reporting | 1.1 Explain the purpose and requirement for keeping financial records1.2 Examine techniques for recording financial information in a business organization1.3 Analyze the legal and organizational requirements for financial reporting1.4 Appraise the usefulness of financial statements to stakeholders | 4445 | How working capital can be effectively managed | 2.1 Examine components of working capital2.2 Clarify how business organizations can effectively manage working capital | 66 | Comprehend management accounting techniques | 3.1 Explain the difference between management and financial accounting3.2
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A strategy and framework needs to be developed to monitor and manage the record keeping. The record must be complete and easy to comprehend. The part of easiness depends on how the record is going to be used. Tax preparation, debt and owing, managing business, to prepare track of citation etc require proper record of finance of the organization. Record should be concise, informative, easy to understand and orderly. Huge record gives bad experiences of searching and not getting the exact information out of the bunch of necessary and unnecessary information. Unnecessary information should not be in record and the information needs to be easy to understand. These all issues are very much applicable for Alesta Cleaning as they are growing rapidly. Alesta Cleaning needs to realize that they should keep the financial record to deal with the Tax matters, lenders matters, business planning, evaluating and monitoring business performance, to prepare a documentation and to have a firm basis of business agreements (Aaronson,D., 2007).
1.2 Examine techniques for recording financial information in a business organization
A good and useful financial record needs to maintain and update in a regular basis. The information that are being entering here should e examined that if they are necessary or not. Only the important information should be collected and stored. Transactions are very important in business finance to keep in record. Transactions and purposes are

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