Students ' Motivational Beliefs Function Essay

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A study conducted by Boekaerts (2002) found, “Students’ motivational beliefs function as a frame that guides their thinking, feelings, and their action in a particular domain (Mensah and Atta, 2015 p. 21)”. If teachers have a better understanding of the emotional and academic support needed by their students during this transitional period, they can make adjustments to their teaching strategies, learning environment, structure, and student involvement, to best suit the needs of their students. For example, if a teacher has a more active class, more stimulated hands on activities may help the students become more involved in active learning. Additionally, if the class is slower or not catching on as quickly, the teacher can adjust the instruction using various alternative methods to teach the lesson. Providing a classroom climate that exhibits enthusiasm and enrichment, along with learning material that is relevant and makes personal connections with the students, will boost levels of learning (Kiefer, Alley, and Ellerbrock, 2015). In addition to these modifications, teachers should encourage and foster peer relationships within their classrooms to build a sense of community and belonging. In turn, teachers may find that their students feel more valued and respected, and are more academically motivated to engage in learning during this time.
Further studies revealed learning goals helped to influence academic motivation and classroom engagement. Mensah and Atta (2015)…

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