Students Should Be Penalized At The United States Deal With Students

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Many teachers around the United States deal with students that disrupt their class, or have behavior that is not appropriate on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, many students are penalized because their unsettling behavior hinders their own and other students learning. These behaviors can include being disruptive, using their cell phone, sleeping in class, challenging the teacher/ instructors knowledge on a particular subject, and many more. Therefore, students should be penalized to a certain extent for this kind of behavior because it in fact makes it hard on both students and instructors. However, students grades should be based on how they retain the information, not on their behavior. First off, students who partake in this kind of behavior, can cause themselves to fall behind in a class and possibly have issues later in life with career success. According to a study published in the National Science Foundation “369 Finnish children showed that children who engaged in more frequent aggressive behaviors as eight-year-olds had significantly lower educational success by their 30s and significantly lower status occupations by their mid-40s.” That being said, if students were penalized because of their performance, then it is very possible students would not have to worry about their ability to be successful later on in their career because they would realize that paying attention in class is much more important. Furthermore, if students are using their cell phones…

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