Students ' Struggles Of Community College Students Essay

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Students’ struggles in community colleges Why do community college students struggle to get their diplomas? Throughout my research I was questioning what causes college students strive to get their associate degree or transfer to auniversity; from my personal opinion and observation, this issue can be addressed. According to the article “Uncluttering the pathway to diploma”, there are several reasons that community college students face a very long road to gradation. Are the factors of late registering classes, lack of right academic advising, attendance policies and wide range of course selection, the main reason for the struggle of community college student? According to Katherine Mangan, one of the most significantissues for struggle in community colleges is lack of enrollment in classes in a timely manner. Late enrollment results in less options in terms of class scheduling and getting the best professors. For example, when I enrolled here at NOVA for my first semester, I wasn’t sure of what my major was going to be and I kept delaying my registration. But when I finally figured it out in around mid August, it was a little too late. Therefore, I ended up having a very narrow choice of class schedules and professors which ultimately affected my grades. Also related to this issue in the article Katherine Mangan stated that, “on-time registration is key. Students enrolled in college-level classes were more than four times more likely to persist from fall to…

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