Substance Abuse And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Introduction “Substance abuse affects all age groups, but it is developed throughout youth causing direct impact to our society” (Sober College, 2014). There is no debate that substance abuse negatively affects a large amount of the population. This applies to every society as substance abuse is not limited to those with a high socioeconomic status and vice versa (Renneboog, 2014). Accordingly, this study deals with substance abuse, specifically the factors of substance abuse in youth. This is a significant social challenge because substance abuse leads to poor work performances that result in multiple problems relative to the individual, family, and society (Drug addiction and drug abuse, 2013). Moreover, it is said that substance abuse in youth is increasingly viewed as a problem in which requires the individual to need assistance (Renneboog, 2014). As such, the central question posed is “What are the main contributing factors that lead to substance abuse in youth?” In order to fully understand the main contributing factors that lead to substance abuse in youth, an analysis of the broader context from research of experts in the field is needed. Therefore, this literature review focuses on the contributing factors of environmental, individual, and genetic influences that lead to substance abuse in youth.
Needless to say, there are multiple factors that influence one to start substance abuse. The main contributing factors can be divided into environmental (family and…

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