Substance Abuse And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Substance abuse has varies effects on an individual and their surroundings especially society as a whole. The government has spent more than 200 billion dollars annually in the United States alone in their approach to decrease substance abuse. The expenditures can be accounted for the improvement of abuse, unemployment, criminal activity, illnesses, homelessness and domestic violence. Data has shown that drug abuse is the result of as many as four demises and is the effects of negative social and economic equality. When an individual is addicted to drugs it will cause them to lose their physical appearance and decrease their mental capacity. The most notable effect of substance abuse is that addiction will cause an individual to loss everything and everybody that I important to them; friends, family, and their career which in turn will make it necessary for them to gain support from society.

Drug abuse is and has been a major issue of the public health sector that has an enormous effect on society on many different aspects. Whether a person is affected personally or not by the issues of drug addiction the community as a whole is affected as well as family entities. The use of drugs present an extremely negative impact on society through varies ways and if you really take the time to evaluate your situation I am sure that you can relate to one or more.
When drug addiction is present many families will go through some of the toughest times of their lives that will…

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