Essay on Substance Abuse And Substance Dependence

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Prior to the _____ (time frame), it was believed that those addicted to certain substances were possessed by the devil, or ____ [CITE]. Treatment for drug-dependent people involved _____ from a priest (instead of dr). As time has progressed, the way in which we perceive abnormal behaviour has evolved from a religious and philosophical context, to scientific and empirically grounded interpretations [CITE]. Although many uncertainties remain, the explanation of substance dependence has diversified to include two fundamental cues of abuse, which are psychological and environmental [CITE]. Psychological cues to substance use may include --- [CITE]. Environmental cues to substance use may include ---[CITE]. When assessing the impact of each cue, it is important to distinguish between substance abuse, and substance dependence. Substance abuse is characterised by ----, whereas substance dependence (or addiction) involves ----- and is considered more severe than abuse [CITE]. This essay will argue that, whilst both psychological and environmental cues perpetuate substance dependence, environmental cues are often the impetus of substance abuse whereas psychological cues are the catalyst of dependence. Both abuse and dependence can be devastating to the user, as well as those around them, however, it is hoped that with appropriate intervention negative outcomes can be prevented [CITE]. Therefore, it is imperative that rehabilitation treatment is multifaceted, integrating protection…

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