Substance Abuse Throughout A Woman 's Pregnancy Essay

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substances (Finkelstein, 1994). With regards to this policy, perhaps instead of looking at cause of substance abuse in general, it is more beneficial to look at the reasons why the substance abuse continues to happen during a woman’s pregnancy.
There are many barriers one may face in deciding to fight addictions. However, women, particularly pregnant women, seem to face many more than their male counterparts. One such way in which pregnant women have a barrier to treatment is the limited number of facilities that serve pregnant women. Further barriers include: childcare responsibilities, stigmatization, and the inability to pay for treatment, inadequate financial resources, and threats of legal interventions. Regardless of cause and reasons why substance abuse in pregnant women continues to occur, it is important for policy to be in place to help take care of the problem in order to control damages to individuals, families, and society. One important aspect crucial to policy is the history behind it.
Historical Background of the Policy
Substance abuse has been, for a long time, and is continuing to be an issue in society. So much so, substance use has become, in a sense, a normalcy. Just because society has been desensitized to seeing the abuse, doesn’t mean the major consequences can be ignored. There are certain spikes of use in history in which have played a crucial role in policy aimed to fight the abuse of such substances in pregnant women. Historically,…

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