Essay on Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities At Wichita Kansas

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Introduction With over 60 different substance abuse treatment facilities in Wichita Kansas alone it is important that Center for Change stays ahead of the ever growing and changing modalities of treatment. While meeting the needs of the ever changing types of treatment, being able to find staff that can work together and provide excellent treatment to the many cultures, severity of substance abuse as well as to all the differing socioeconomic classes is vital. While working within the company, taking ideas from employees and listening to what they believe the strengths and weaknesses of the facility along with ways they feel that the clients can be better served I have created a plan to begin meeting these needs and implementing new programs through the use of a communication contract. The communication contract along with weekly meetings between staff and supervisors and between clients and staff will aid in developing a treatment facility that will be ahead of the rest.
The Communication Contract Proposal
This communication plan will be put in place for improving the work environment we all work in. This will be done by understanding the expectations of ethical communications and the skills needed individually to meet these expectations. For the purpose of this plan ethical communication will consists of responsibility, integrity, honesty, respect, trust, openness fairness and transparency. In any business, “communication between individuals is the most essential medium…

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