Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes : A Multi Site Study Of Male And Female Prison Program

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I reviewed an article titled, Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes: A Multi-Site Study of Male and Female Prison Program. In the article, a study was conducted on the prison population. A sample of 1,343 individuals –1,065 men and 278 women was used. The purpose of the study was to, “assess: (1) whether there is evidence of program variation within a prison system with multiple programs based upon the same treatment approach and, (2) whether programs implemented across a number of sites within such a context will show differences…” (Motivans, Pelissier, & Rounds-Bryant, 2005, p. 60). The study was conducted on a population of offenders that were participants in 16 different evidence- based behavioral modification programs for men and 4 different programs for women. The sample was decreased further by deciding that the participants had to have received treatment between 1990 and 1995, along with being 1-year post prison term. (Motivans, Pelissier, & Rounds-Bryant, 2005). The only mention of an issue that may arise with the sample included the possible variations in the programs overall. Those variations could include the use of manuals or differences in policies and procedures.
As stated by Babbie (1999) non-probability sampling is “any technique in which samples are selected in some way not suggested by probability theory” (pg. 199). Some advantages of non-probability sampling include feasibility, ability to perform a pretest, and use of quota sampling, which helps to…

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