Substance And Substance Abuse Disorder Essays

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The Faces Interactive website describes what it is like to be living with a substance abuse disorder. Also, it goes into detail about the differences between “substance intoxication,” “substance withdrawal,” and “substance dependence.” Substance intoxication takes place when one is under the influence of a substance and is experiencing mood and behavior altering affects. Substance withdrawal is when one is experiencing an uncomfortable occurrence that results when one is not taking a substance. Substance dependence occurs when a substance is consuming one’s life. Faces Interactive gives a very precise definition of what happens, “… a diagnosis of ‘substance dependence’ refers to situations where individuals (1) experience a tolerance to the drug, (2) suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug, (3) they are unable to stop using the drug; and (4) they experience disruptions in their life caused by the drug use” (McGrawHill Higher Education, 2007, Diagnostic Overview). On the Faces Interactive website, a woman named Bobbie is introduced. She considers herself a drug addict, even though she is presently sober. After watching the interview videos, it is made clear that she was not given enough attention as a child and grew up in a broken family. Bobbie confesses, “… as I got older, I started acting out more; um, drinking, um doing drugs; having a lot of boys in my life. Um, promiscuous. Um, doing things that I knew were wrong; but I was doing them anyways. And I…

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