Substance Prevention Programs Essay

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PCN-501: Introduction to Addictions and Substance Use Disorders

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Even the most severely addicted individuals can participate in treatment; in the hopes of reducing their drug and alcohol use. Treatment programs with the higher success rates offer a combination of treatments. I will explore substance abuse prevention programs in this paper. I will summarize their goals, funding, and effectiveness. In the state of Arizona, the Division of Behavioral Health Services oversees A.A sectors. Alcoholics Anonymous’ primary purpose is to help others remain or achieve sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) requires no dues or fees to be a member. The groups that meet in the community are
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Although the above statements are strengths, A.A could also harbor some weaknesses. For instance A.A does not explore the root of the problem behavior (in this case alcoholism). For successful, long-term recovery to occur, some biochemical repairs need to be done. Alternative treatment centers that approach alcoholism from a biochemical viewpoint have a 75% success rate (Problems with Alcoholics Anonymous, 2012). Hazelden, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1949, helps people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction. With funding from a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) grant, Hazelden has created a new intervention program for teens seeking substance abuse treatment. This program will reinforce the skills they learn while in treatment and will help navigate them through the challenges of early recovery (Hazelden, 2012). Hazelden has a social community where one can interact with others who are seeking to remain free of addiction through live chats, podcasts, online meetings, etc. Hazelden has non-discrimination policy statements in place to best serve the community and diverse populations. Approved by government regulators, Hazelden has recently merged with the Betty Ford Center, the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment organization. What’s nice about Hazelden is that it offers a diversified selection of treatment programs. There are outpatient and residential services that are also age and gender based. Hazelden also

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