Substance Use Among School Students Essay

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Substance use among school students is a growing concern among all stakeholders (Gilvarry, & McArdle, 2007), as it is associated with unsatisfactory school performance, delinquent behaviors, and high tax dollar expenditure on social services, medical health, and justice system (Monge et. al, 1999). Smoking, drinking, and drug use are some of the prominent causes of morbidity and mortality among schoolchildren in the United States (Ref…). The onset of such habits occurs during early adolescence and may continue in adulthood. Given the serious nature of alcohol and substance use, it is important to identify risk factors and protective factors associated with drug use among adolescents. There are several studies to understand protective and internal and external risk factors associated with adolescents’ drug use. Internal factors such as attitude of deviance, aggressiveness, rebelliousness, evasion of responsibility and gender, and external risk factors such as extent of drug use among peers, family, and neighborhood are consistent predictor of adolescents drug use (Brook et al., 1998; Fothergill et al., 2009). Categorization of these risk factors can broadly be done into personality traits, peers drug use behaviors, and family factors such as parents drug use, involvement with police, family relationship, etc. as predictors of drug use among adolescents (Brook et al., 1998). Additionally, perception of self (including self- esteem and victimization) and about substance may be…

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