Texting Is Creating An Illiterate Society Essay

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Text is causing illiteracy

Although social media such as texting is a popular and effective method of communication, texting is creating an illiterate society. Texting is causing illiteracy by encouraging incorrect spelling, nonverbal communication, the ability the read and write, and harming the education of students.

In the eyes of society, they feel texting isn’t what 's causing illiteracy. According to (Lucy Ward), “Texting is no bar to literacy”, a group of 11-12 years old who text and didn 't text had to take the same written test and there wasn 't a difference between the two groups. What was being said is that they don 't see anything wrong with the use of texting by adolescents. Consequently, even though society sees nothing wrong with texting, sooner or later when an 18 year old can 't spell “Know” instead of “Kno” they 'll realize texting is causing illiteracy.

One way social media such as texting is making society illiterate is by encouraging incorrect spelling. Youth are becoming increasingly poor spellers, and writers because of the love of their text messages stated by (Associated Press). In texting words are being spelled with fewer alphabets, which led to the actual word being misspelled. In the article “How Technology can cause spelling problems”, it states that the word “tomorrow” is being spelt “2moro” and that people are becoming accustomed to the way they text. To clarify what is being said ,…

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