Essay on Texting Is The Main Form Of Communicating

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Years ago making a phone call on the cell phone was huge jump for communication, now today texting has become the main form of communicating. A lot of the students have not only adapted to the rising technology, but they have involved texting to the point where they have become entirely dependent on it. Communicating has become more prompt and convenient then it has ever been before. Starting with basic e-mailing to chatting instantly on famous websites, like Facebook or Twitter. However, these abbreviations are starting to affect the way people communicate with one another and their writing skills. Phone users of these abbreviations are becoming more, and more psychologically depend on it. “When a person sends a text message, it is usually in a modern language that originated from online when chatting.”(Dixon Jr 31). Phone users have adapted this shorter, quicker abbreviated way of messaging in order to gets their point across in 140 characters or less. Just because something is easier, quicker and shorter is not also right, and it is starting to affect people psychologically and their able to mental write simple paper. According to one article “11–12-year-old children provided information on their texting behavior. They were also asked to translate a Standard English sentence into a text message and vice versa. The children’s standardized verbal and non-verbal reasoning scores were also obtained. Children who used their mobiles to send three or more text messages a day had…

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