Essay about The Abuse That Dave Experiences

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Chapters 3 and 4 were really hard chapters to read. The abuse that Dave experiences is heartbreaking. Chapter 3 is titled Bad Boy. It picks off where it left off, Dave’s mom begins to punish him and her attitude and behavior towards Dave begins to change drastically. Her punishments towards Dave start to become more and more brutal. The abuse is both physically and mentally. This abuse is only inflicted on Dave, his brothers do not receive the save severe treatment. School is the only escape for Dave, but his mom held him back in the first grade because he was a “bad boy”. The abuse continually gets very severe to the point where Dave can’t watch T.V, he goes without dinner, his beatings become harsher, and he is forced to sleep in the garage. The chapter ends with the mom torturing Dave by forcing him to put his hand over a flame, she continued to try to put his whole body over the flame but he resisted. In the end he won, this small victory gave Dave hope, he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction to see his tears. Chapter 4 is titled The Fight For Food. This chapter depicts Dave’s abusive struggle in finding food to keep him alive. His mom hardly feeds him, she doesn’t feed him dinner and in the mornings, if he’s lucky, he gets the leftovers from his brothers. Since he doesn’t get food from home, he resorts to having to steal his food. He first begins to steal from the other kids at school. This worked for a while and eventually they traced it back to him,…

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