The Achievement Gap Within Students With Different Backgrounds And Settings

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Just as everyone comes to United States with hopes of receiving many opportunities and freedom, one of the main problems is that American Education is in crisis. Even though equal opportunity for education is something that people think they receive only few students receive it due to the lack of funding for certain schools provided by the government. As we spoke about education problems being one of the social problems in society, I have narrowed the topic down to provide more information about the “Achievement gap within students with different backgrounds and settings” in a community. One thing that every parent wants their kid to have no matter what is, a good education that can make those kids good human-beings in the future societies. Even though there are many options available for the civic engagement project, I was really interested in tutoring at Pinehurst Elementary school to learn and see how student mentoring would help the younger generation to lessen the achievement gap and promote student success.
Previously known as STARS, but now known as MAST which stands for Math, Arts, Science and Technology is an after school program that is designed by the Wicomico County Board of Education to help students achieve not only in specific academic areas listed above but also to help improve their wellness-being by providing snacks before the program begins and cope with their emotional state through various activities and projects that get the kids to participate in…

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