The Age Of College Students Essay

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The world we know it has evolved though the years and will continue to transform due to the accessibility and convenience of technology in everyday life (Davidson, 2011). Breaking through previous limitations such as time and geography, technology has allowed colleges and universities to reach untapped students demographics all over the globe. (Harden, 2013). In order survive and compete, colleges and universities will need strategically move in the direction technology is taking the world (Falk & Blaylock, 2010). Technology, including social interaction and access to information, has been merged into the daily routines of traditional and nontraditional students in higher education (Davidson, 2011). The use of technology is most prevalent in the daily activities of traditional students who are 18 to 22 years old and make up approximately16% of the students enrolled in academic institutions (Falk& Blaylock, 2010). The age of college students are projected to slightly increase over the next decade (Hainline, 2010). Over half of college students today are older part-time and considered nontraditional (Falk& Blaylock, 2010). The enrollment gap due to decrease in traditional students is being filled by students with different cultures, experiences, and educational expectations (Falk & Blaylock, 2010). According to Harrison-Walker (2009), the decrease in traditional college students is forcing higher education institutions to become more competitive for…

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