The Articles On Children 's Views Of Environmental Influences On Their Eating Habits And Physical Activity

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The articles sates that occurrence of obesity and overweight is increasing in children 2-10 years in the UK and is due to over-nutrition and lack of physical activity. Pearce et al. 2009 p.615 aim is, ‘’… a pilot study which used multiple methods to explore children’s views of environmental influences on their eating habits and Physical activity in an urban setting in the UK.” They then continue to explain that through this aim it can be understood why children are becoming overweight.
Pearce et al. 2009 used mixed methods for their research, but mainly qualitative method to collect data and then came up with quantitative results, i.e. statistical data, which they then analysed.
The research goal was to get children views on their environment, physical activity (PA) and what they ate (Pearce et al. 2009 p.615). By conducting a qualitative research an in-depth understanding on what the children thought by exploring their thoughts and views was met.
The article addressed techniques used for conducting research on children and adolescents. Literature reviews was used to derive that, focus groups, mapping exercises and Photography “photovoice” are good research tools used on children. They mention a study conducted in Australia whereby the photography was used to get children’s view on their environment PA and what they eat. From this they established a research design using the mentioned methods to conduct the research (Pearce et al. 2009 p.615).
Pearce et al. 2009 used…

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