The Aztecs, The Most Famous Indigenous Tribe Of North America

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The Aztecs, the most famous indigenous tribe of North America, were most commonly known for their brutal human sacrifices in which European explorers described ceremonies where a person would have their beating heart torn from their chest. To the Europeans’ amazement, many of those being sacrificed were willing volunteers from the community. Though this custom may seem savage or inhumane to outsiders, within Aztec culture the ritual was completely justified and logical. This concept of separate realities applies also on a personal level in that past encounters alter the reality a person lives in. In the words of film director Tim Burton, “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality”. Nearly any action could be considered rational due to the effect of past experiences and the “reality” of the individual.

To be sure, when a person is not in a stable state of mind, their actions will most likely be illogical or irrational. Addiction is by far the most common cause of mental instability because of the abundance of opportunities for it to enter one’s life. For example, cigarettes, found in just about every convenience store in the nation, are incredibly addictive. To an educated mainstream audience, cigarettes are not appealing products because of their carcinogenic contents and destructive effects on the human body which have been brought to light by countless anti-tobacco campaigns; however, when presented to a nicotine addict, cigarettes are a “necessity” to function…

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