The Bystander Effect On Students Essay

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Out of all of the things I can do academically, writing is probably my most frustrating experiences in school. While writing has never been my strong trait throughout my life but without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Recently a few years ago, my most successful time when I was writing was writing a psychology research paper that connects the bystander effect to various scenarios of bullying. While creating this research paper, I had to combine all of my experiences and skills in order to put this paper together very well. Writing requires successes and failures at certain times, to help build the individual to become the writer that they are. In my earliest times of writing came when I was in kindergarten of elementary school. When the teacher asked us to write down our full names on a long rectangular name plate, I would have a very difficult time spelling my own name correctly. In my opinion in a point of view of a very young child, the name “John Don” is not very easy to spell since it is not very common name to have. Time after time again, the process of writing down my name became somewhat frustrating since I would often have to refer back to my parents for help. Despite the obstacles faced, through practice and repetition, I slowly gained an understanding and confidence on how to construct my whole name correctly. After completed writing my whole name, I was so excited and overjoyed that I even told my parents that I overcame this obstacle and they too shared…

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