Essay The Classroom For Students With Special Needs

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Success in the classroom for students with special needs is directly related to the effective use of appropriate educational strategies. The classroom teacher is instrumental in designing and implementing the strategies to assist the individual learning styles of the students in the classroom. Stated in the article by readwritethink, 2016,
“our aim should be to move away from traditional practices of teaching with one modality (typically linguistic) for all students in a lesson; if we recognize that our students learn in different ways, then we also need to recognize that our students need us to teach lessons with strategies that allow students to process information through multiple modalities (para. 3.).
Using a multi-modal approach, will assure that all learning styles of the students are taken into account. Many students have a preferred style of learning, but will often benefit from several approaches. Learning styles include: kinesthetic learner, or hands-on, physical learner, auditory learner, learn through listening, verbal learner, learn through spoken or written language and visual learner, learn thorough performing arts, pictures or images. Each student is unique and diverse in their needs; they need the teacher to differentiate their learning for success in the classroom.
Classroom Management/Environment Strategies in the classroom also include classroom management and the environment, which consists of the physical set up of the classroom and the systems…

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