The Correlation Of Eating Disorders And Advertisements Essay

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Our group has decided to research on the development of disordered eating in young women in correlation with body dissatisfaction caused by the “thinness ideal” that is perceived in modern day advertisements. We are interested in researching the connection of women affected by disorderly eating and how our modern day advertisements correspond with body dissatisfaction leading to disordered eating. Our topic will be specifically looking at the target group of young women aged from 12-20. We will be using quota sampling, as all of these women will self-identify as having faced disorderly eating. We are specifically looking at this target group as research has proven that this age range is the most heavily affected by a formation of disordered eating through the ideals that advertisements set out.
Our research will be looking at the correlation of eating disorders and advertisements through several key factors such as body dissatisfaction, BMI, self-esteem, internalization of ideals, and media exposure. While looking at all of these key factors in relation to body dissatisfaction imposed by set ideals perceived through advertisements, we will be able to gain a more fine grained image as to how disordered eating and advertisements correlate with one-another. We will aim to look at our project through a feminist paradigm. We will be using a feminist paradigm as we are going to be viewing society specifically through the experiences of women and will be calling…

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