The Cruelty Of Animal Abuse Essay

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Animal Abuse

Should people treat animals like a thing, mistreat them, or even starv them to death? should people get fines, or go to jail for treating an animal like a property and abuse them? Around the world there has been a lot of animal abuse, in many of these cases people have been uploading videos, picture, and stories about animals that have been abused to make people realize that they are doing something wrong. some people treat animals like family and others treat them like” property”. what can be decided so this cruelty can change?. People should treat animals with respect and if they knew the penalty for abusing them they would think twice before abusing them.

Around the world people have been noticing how they treat animals either dogs, cats, or even horses., Some people think that by mistreating animals they are going to listen better or even to do what they say. Experts have proved that 32% of parents have reported their children for animal cruelty. This shows that children have been learning the wrong way of treating animals instead of treating them with love and respect for being a friend they mistreat them. Parents should not put the bad example of mistreating animals because that is the main reason why children treat animals with no respect. Children should be thought that animlas are like a friend and not something you can hit for fun.

People have been arrested for abusing animals and have been fined for mistreating them. Animals are also human…

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