The Dangers Of Elder Abuse Essay

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The life expectancy within the older population has increased dramatically and there is no denying the fact that people are living longer and healthier. But the hidden problem that not many people talk about is elder abuse, which is usually hidden from the public eye. Elder abuse is referred to as any intentional, unintentional neglect of an older adult that may be carried out by the caregiver. There is no simple answer to, why does elder abuse occur? It can be due to the stress in the family, there may be history of violence in the family, which can create tension between the older adult and the family. It can also be that the caregiver is overwhelmed by all the responsibility, which can trigger harmful behavior by the caregiver. Most commonly known abuses consist of physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, neglect, financial abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, or Medical abuse.
Physical abuse is imposing physical pain or injury to an older adult. Physical abuse can include hitting, kicking, shoving, pushing, pinching or slapping. In many cases, physical abuse can be the easiest to spot many of the obvious injuries include black eye or marks from restraints at the wrists, ankles, or waist. Malnourishment or dehydration without an illness-related cause. Burns and bruises in unusual places or of an unusual type.
Emotional or Psychological abuse is creating distress, suffering, pain though verbal or non-verbal acts to an older adult. From pressuring to name calling can…

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