Essay on The Dark Side Of Substance Use Disorders

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Alcohol use is often glamorized in society and viewed as an acceptable form of socialization and fun. Thousands of youths, college students, and adults partake in this behavior in order to either fit in with their peers or find an escape for their problems. Although many individuals are able to keep their drinking within an acceptable limit, others often exceed the boundaries and enter dangerous territory. The movie entitled “28 days” exceeds an audience’s expectations in regards to correctly portraying the dark side of substance use disorders. The main character in the movie is a big city writer named Gwen Cummings. The audience first meets Gwen at a party where she is seen drinking and dancing the night away with her friends. As the movie gradually progresses and more of the characters are introduced, it quickly becomes apparent that Gwen suffers from substance use disorder. The apartment that she resides in is tastelessly decorated with empty liquor bottles, paving an accurate perception of Gwen’s alcohol use. Moreover, her boyfriend Jasper also suffers from substance use disorder and not only partakes in activities involving alcohol with Gwen but also instigates situations to force Gwen’s participation. Gwen’s inability to continue her morning routine without drinking a beer further depicts the magnitude of her disorder. As the plot continues to develop, the audience is provided more information to accurately use in diagnosing Gwen. As such, I will diagnose Gwen…

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