The Drug Of Prescription Drug Abuse Essay

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Increases in prescription drug overdoses have driven a steep rise in the rate of drug overdose mortality in the United States in the past decade with much of the increase attributable to prescription opioid analgesics [1–4]. Nonsuicidal prescription opioid overdose deaths increased by 142% during the period 1999–2004, while heroin deaths declined [2]. The increasing numbers of opioid-related deaths were associated with parallel increases in both the prescribing of opioids [4] and the self-reported nonmedical use of these drugs [5]. Persons dying of prescription drug overdoses generally have a history of abusing or misusing the drugs and frequently obtaining them without prescriptions [6,7].

Prompted in part by the diversion of prescription opioids and other pharmaceuticals to nonmedical use, Congress asked the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) to study state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). The GAO concluded in 2002 that PDMPs were useful in reducing drug diversion [8]. State PDMPs have since proliferated in the United States, operating in 16 states in 2000 [9] and in 32 states by 2008 [10]. The Department of Justice instituted the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to help fund PDMPs in fiscal year 2003 [11], and the Department of Health and Human Services began to fund PDMPs through the National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act (NASPER) in 2009 [12].

Although program specifics vary substantially from state to state,…

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