The Education Of Teachers And Students Essay

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Together, Anything Is Possible
Educational relationships between teachers and students, can be odd, frustrating, or good for both teachers and students. Teachers and students develop a better relationship when there is mutual effort in anything they plan to succeed in. When working together, like solving problems, and helping each other by having positive attitudes, the classroom is a very different environment rather than an educational zone with inspirational teachers and students who do not desire to learn. Teachers are those who influence and motivate students. By teachers helping students study, students are most likely to get a passing grade. When both teachers and students are willing to work together, more knowledge and success is attained for the both of them, proving that with mutual effort, you can accomplish all work.
Teachers play a big role in a students life. Teachers are known to be a students role model and the example to do good in school. However, the outcome of the student, is depending on the type of teacher they have, but also, on the student who is willing to make an effort to succeed in school or fail. There are some teachers who do not have the motivation, within them and positivity to help out the students like Mike Rose, did in his early years. A student who was not successful due to the type of role model he had in front of him, but later on, turned out to be successful with the help of an inspirational teacher. When having someone who will not…

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