The Effects Of Classical Conditioning On Students Essay

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When teaching appropriate behavior, it is important to be repetitive and consistent with enforcing the desired behavior. Classical conditioning is an automatic response in which one reacts to different situations without thinking about their action. Students can be taught what behavior is expected of them for activities and routines in the classroom without having to remind them daily. Classic conditioning can be changed through repetitive reminders when needed, which will allow the student to learn the desired behavior (Bourret, 2012).
Literature Review Poor behavior interferes with the learning ability of every student who is in the classroom. Teachers are responsible for educating a large number of students. When a student displays disruptive behavior the teacher must stop the lesson plan to address the situation. Disruptive behavior can range from talking out of turn, making unnecessary noises, or arguing with another student or the teacher (Daniels, 2014). Students need to be taught at a young age that there is an appropriate way to behave in every situation. How do we know what behavior is expected in different social environments? Psychologist John B. Watson developed the concept of behaviorism, which is a school of psychology that states that in order to understand human behavior one needs to take into consideration the different aspects of the environment. How one behaves depends on the environment they are in at the time the behavior occurs (Akert, Aronson,…

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