The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Children Essay

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Hit and Kick All You Want, Your Words Are Worse
When a person thinks of abuse, physical, or sexual abuse is the first thing to pop into their minds. Abuse, and abusive behavior can be defined as wrong or improper use or action, or using harsh, insulting language (abusive). However, another type of abuse is psychological or emotional abuse. Emotional, or psychological abuse, is described as emotional neglect or any sort of mental maltreatment of children, which includes, but is not limited to: not allowing the child to have the chance to develop socially, convincing a child that their own self-worth is not of any importance, or putting the child down continuously with words or actions. At a young age, emotional abuse can cause children to develop self-image issues, depression, or anxiety. About 7.1% of children are emotionally abused ( and 10.6% of adults admit to being abused when they were children (Childhelp). Often, emotional abuse is forgotten in the spectrum of abuse. It is not seen as morally wrong as sexual or physical abuse; in fact, there are no laws against emotional abuse as there are sexual or physical. Yet some researchers are starting to claim that emotional abuse is having more of a negative effect on children compared to sexual or physical abuse. “Conditions such as depression, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, attachment problems, and substance abuse occurred more often after psychological maltreatment, than physical or…

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