The Effects Of Exposure On Bias On Attitudes Toward Education II Study

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During this spring semester, I have to help Katie for her Attitudes toward Education II study. However, I will continue to run participants for this study for next semester. Because of that, I am not allowed to know the hypotheses for this study. It is because; it is important for the RAs that work and handle the study to not know the hypotheses to prevent any biases, such as confirmation bias and so forth. But, I am really interested in Elise’s study about the hiring decision. The research question of this study is to find out whether the exposure to bias can affect peoples’ ability to learn and to transfer it to a new context. The hypothesis for this study is, people who were exposed to direct bias (the manager show obvious bias) will do worst in the learning process and people who are not exposed to any bias condition will perform the best in the learning process and transfer it to new context.

2) How will the research that you 've been working on further knowledge--what will we learn from it?
From the hiring decision study we can know how biases can affect people especially in the learning condition where they need to learn and transfer the knowledge that they learnt. So, this study can help to give us insight the effect and the cons/pros that people will get when they were exposed/not exposed to bias. We also can know whether the participants have bias or not and if so, to what degree the biases are—based on how they evaluate the candidates in the experiments.


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