The Effects Of Homework On Students And Students From This Atrocity

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Do you remember what it was like to be in school? Usually one will juggle homework, a job, and a social life. Many students have a difficult time balancing all of these activities, and there is such a thing as too much homework. Imagine if each teacher gave 30 minutes of homework. On average a student has 5 or 6 teachers in a year. That would mean a student has to do 3 hours of homework a night. When you add in everything a student needs to do after school there simply is not enough time to accomplish everything. Homework should be limited to save the teachers and students from this atrocity.
In the world we live in today many teenagers get after school jobs and do not have time for homework. A student works about 4 hours after school. Teenagers have responsibilities to pay for that require them to have a job. These responsibilities are a phone bill, gas, car insurance, and anything else they want to pay for. Some parents will not pay for things a student wants such as their phone bill. A student that works after school does not have much time for extra responsibilities.
Another reason homework should be limited is because there are student athletes that feel the pressure of too much homework. Students should not become so overwhelmed with homework that they want to quit sports. Grades are required to be kept at a certain standard for the student to remain in sports. Athletes spend a majority of their time at practices and preparing for games. They do not have time to be…

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