The Effects Of Pro Eating Disorder Websites Essay example

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With the increase in the use of technology, the internet has allowed us to expand our minds, become more educated and assist us in connecting with others. On the other hand, the internet has also put us in a position of having information compromised, as well as being exposed to “too much” information, and opening the door to various addictions. One example of this downside to technology is that of pro-eating disorder websites which are simply known as pro-ana/pro-mia websites.
Ana is short for anorexia nervosa. It is a common eating disorder where individuals obsess about weight, what they eat and how much exercise they participate in. Mia is the shortened form of bulimia nervosa which is a very common eating disorder where the person binge eats. They will eat large amounts of food and then find ways to purge the calories, usually in some unhealthy manner. Both disorders are often tied together, with an individual being preoccupied with their weight and appearance. The “pro” in the pro-ana/mia sites does not necessarily imply the “supports the promotion of”, but more a support for those already anorexics who have decided they choose to live committed to the ideas of anorexia (Social Issues Research Centre, 2014).
Even knowing these disorders existed, it wasn’t until taking this course and being exposed to the week six content, that I became aware of the pro-ana/mia movement. When taking a closer look at what can be found on the internet regarding this topic, I was appalled…

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