Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Students

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Social media has taken over as the means to communicate with people in the past few years. As social media becomes more prominent in everyday life, it begins to affect students in the classroom. Social media can be viewed from a variety of different viewpoints, some argue that it is beneficial others may argue it is a distraction. From my personal experience I view social media as a tool that can be helpful, but when viewing its impact on high school students it can abused. I urge kids in high school to quit social media until they are better able to take advantage of it, social media can cause negative effects on one self-esteem. Social media may also become extremely time consuming and may cause a drop in grades. The benefits of social media are better taken advantage of later down the road, these students in high school do not need these tools. This is apparent not only in studies done by highly regarded people in their field, but I have learned this through my own experiences. I was once a freshman in high school and was getting more and more into social media, and though it was great. Then my grades began to go down and I did not know what was causing my grades to fall, naturally as a freshman, I looked to blame something else instead of taking responsibility and owning up to the fact that social media was the problem. Looking back at my high school experience now I realize I could have done some things differently and have regrets. One of my biggest regrets is…

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