Essay on The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children

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Every Friday night I would run to my room when I heard the car door slam. I ran as fast as I could to the comfort of my blankets and my teddy bear and waited for the yelling and screaming to begin. Dad had just gotten home from the bar. He had been spending all day smoking and drinking. My parents would fight for hours on end about how my father was addicted. Today, too many families have this problem because parents abuse substances. Substance abuse is an issue that many families deal with. Drugs and alcohol tore my family apart.
I was about four years old when my brother was born. A few months after he was born my dad started heavily drinking and smoking. His habit worsened and he got fired from his job. My mother was forced to become a single parent because my father would pay little to no attention to my brother and I. When my mother would go to work, I had to take care of my newborn brother. Meanwhile, my father is sitting in his chair lighting up and smoking away.
Of course I had no idea what was happening, all I knew was that he was really happy about what he was drinking. I asked him, “Daddy, what are you drinking?” He refused to answer me and sent me to my parents room. I was told by my father to stay in my room and take care of my brother so neither of us would bother him. I stayed in the room with my baby brother until my mother got home from work.
When my mother walked inside, I would ask her the same question as I had been…

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