The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Licking County Essay

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Substance abuse is a large problem in Licking County, which needs to be stopped. Drug use is becoming a growing problem that needs to be contained and prevented with the help of an expansion of the organization LAAP (Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program).To cut back on the drug use and deaths in licking county, we will provide users and abusers with the resources they need to sober up, cutting back on the drug use rate which will cut back the number of deaths. With the expansion of LAAP, we will be able to provide more employees/volunteers to help addicts, along with other resources, such as financial aid, counseling, and sober living facilities. To persuade readers that the expansion is the best way to combat drug abuse, the use of ethos, pathos, and logos will be implemented. Pathos and logos will be the main arguments, with minimal ethos.
The expansion of LAAP is needed in Licking County due to the growing drug abuse epidemic. The drug users and their families are affected the most. Their community is also affected but not as gravely as the people closest to the addict. Substance abuse has always been around, but has not always been taken seriously or been any real resources for rehabilitation. “As drug have been abused for hundreds of years all over the world, their effects have been felt for just as long,” (History of Drug Abuse, n.d.).During 1980 to 1984, first time cocaine users averaged about 1.3 million per year. During 1996 the Office of Drug Control…

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