The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Healthcare Industry Essay

1377 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Over the years substance abuse has been a growing trend in the healthcare industry. Some factors of substance abuse stem as a way to deal with stress, financial woes and peer pressure or as a learned behavior from parents where alcohol and drugs were considered customary. Furthermore, individuals taking medication to cope with pain or mental illness end up getting addicted, because they need something stronger to cope with the pain. As a result, majority of individuals are unaware or aware of their problem. Typically it is just a temporary breather turning to these substances as a short term release, but ultimately it can lead to a dual diagnosis of additional issues. Not only do they still have a mental health problem, but also an addiction to deal with as well and may encourage them to increase their usage. Sometime individuals allow their environments to influence alcohol and drug abuse. Those who grew up in broken households are likely to turn to this kind of activity. Some inner city areas experience a lot of crime and the people living there may turn to addiction as a means to deal with the stress or lack of opportunity to improve their lives. The initial decision to take drugs, for most is voluntary in terms of experimenting recreationally or prescribed medication for pain management. Most individuals are in denial and over a period of time realize the drugs they are using have power over their life and they begin to rely on the effects produced by…

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