The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Workplace Essay

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Violence among intimate partners is unfortunately common in our society and affects both men and women, as well as potential children who are involved or witness the violence in the home. Though we often hear about women being the victims of intimate partner violence, men are often victims as well. Many people argue that men and women experience victimization at equal rates despite men usually being stronger and more powerful. This form of violence can happen at any time and can be completely unexpected by the victim as well as by friends or family members close to the victim.
Intimate partner violence can produce severe short and long-term effects. Some of these effects include mental illness, substance abuse, physical ailments, unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, and an increased risk of STD’s. Victims often experience many of these effects and may even fear for their life. Since it’s not uncommon for victims to stay in abusive relationships, the abuse may continue for many years, increasing the risks of negative effects on the victim’s mind and body.
Substance abuse can be a way for the victim to cope with the abuse in their daily lives. Drugs and alcohol can help numb the pain or forget about the situation for a little while. While these substances may provide the victim with short-term relief, they can also have detrimental health and legal consequences. Experiencing mental illnesses, such as depression, increases the risk of substance abuse.
Some of the risk factors…

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