The Elderly Population Essay

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Older people in our society are not treated with respect nor are they given the same opportunities as the younger generation. In society, they are treated as if they have no role and are viewed as if they are out of touch with what’s happening and their knowledge is seldom valued or sought (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016, p. 718). In some cultures, the elderly is respected and family is there to take care of them until the end and in some instances the elderly may be placed in nursing homes or residential facilities where they get the care they need. Since there are now more than 10 times as many people age 65 and alder as there used to be in 1900, society needs to do our best to provide for the elderly population (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016, p. 719).
I live in a little village called Amherst, Wisconsin which has a population of around 1,332 residents and not much in regards to supporting our elderly population. In my village there is no supported living centers, nursing homes or even day centers. When I moved to the area I found it odd that there was no place for the elderly to go for the day or even move into permanently when the time had come. The only services that we do have in the area is some groups for them to join; quilting club, food pantry, exercise classes (although not many for the elderly), and bible classes. The elderly in the area in which I live tend to go to these groups where they can meet with their friends, have coffee and enjoy their day. Although, my…

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