The Epidemic Of Obesity And Unhealthy Eating Essay

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Over the course of history, this earth has endured many diseases and plagues such as, the black plague, yellow fever, and influenza. As the students around the country are educated in history class about these disasters, most are unaware that there is an epidemic that is spreading through the world as we speak: Obesity. Obesity is not a contagious disease, it is a disease that is caused by a persons eating and exercise habits. On a smaller scale, this epidemic is quite prevalent in Contra Costa County and even here at Liberty High School. Students are suffering not only physically, but mentally as well, and they really cannot afford to miss out on any developments at such a critical point like high school. This epidemic of obesity and unhealthy eating is an issue that is in serious need of a fix and there are a few steps necessary for the resolution which include: reducing the availability of sugary drinks, placing higher prices on unhealthy lunch choices, and teaching the necessary knowledge on healthy eating.
The first step needed to reduce the obesity issue in our school is to decrease the availability of sugary drinks sold to the students. The article, "Bad Food? Tax it, and Subsidize it" mentions that "of the 278 additional calories Americans on average consumed per day between 1977 and 2001, 40% came from sugary beverages." Recently there has been a misundertanding of what defines a "sugary drink." When a health official or really any person mentions sugary drinks,…

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