The First Signs Of Eating Disorders Essay

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Eating disorders have always been an issue, dating back to around the first century. Around 700 BC, “rich ancient Romans overindulged at lavish banquets and then relieved themselves by vomiting so they could return to the feast and continue eating. Ancient Egyptians drew hieroglyphics that depicted their use of monthly purges to avoid illness” (Engel, 2007). These first signs of eating disorders, among many other records from other cultures around the world, have helped more recent doctors develop a concrete list of symptoms and diagnoses for specific disorders. Specifically, an English physician named William Gull “coined the term anorexia nervosa (...) when he wrote of a young woman whose condition seemed to be one of simple starvation but who exhibited no physical cause of her emaciation. Gull noted that her symptoms included loss of appetite, constipation, slow pulse rate, and cessation of menstrual periods. He was struck by her restlessness and need for activity… Gull and other physicians and researchers identified anorexia as primarily a psychiatric (mental and emotional) illness, but research aiming at better understanding it produced confused results for many years” (Yancey, 1999, 25). Even today, scientists and psychologists continue to study new information about some of the more complex eating disorders, since there are so many different levels and confounding aspects involved with eating disorders. Although they are often thought of as being in one major…

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