The Food Pantry : Help Someone With Money, Resources, Or Information

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To assist is to help someone with money, resources, or information. The food pantry has allowed me to assist impecunious people who may not be as blessed as me. The food pantry broadened my mind as I was able to connect with people who came, and earn a new understanding of the benefits that people can gain from serving their community. Through my community hours at the food pantry I realized what my work did for me, the community and how it was throughout history. In the food pantry, I got to sort packaged items, mainly cans. Although the spacing is small, there is always work to be done and things to arrange. There is a place for everything and it can get overwhelming when you try to sort the items because there will always be more and more to come. When events such as the Spooky Trot are initiated, food pantry volunteers know what is going to come after that. Food and plenty of it. Piles of bags come into the food pantry and because space is limited, we have to make sure everything has a place even if we have to go back and re-organize everything. There are days when I come to the food pantry and find things in a complete mess, when that occurs I have to look through the stacks of food and re-arrange the food. When there is no more space to put the beans in the bean cabinet, we as volunteers have to improvise and put the beans in the soup pile and start a new stack. Sometimes people would come into the food pantry to take something to eat and ask for help and as…

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