The Food Processing Industry Is Reading The Glossary Before Eating Food

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According to Berry and Specter the role of the consumer in the food processing industry is reading the glossary before eating the food because it’s important to know what that food or drink has in it, or what is it consists of. Wendell Berry, author of "The Pleasures of Eating," disagree with American consumers by using unsound food because that will affect their bodies. Like eating donuts and drinking sweet tea, have they ever thought about how much sugar does sweet tea and donuts? Usually donuts get covered with sugar or chocolate and making sweets, take five pounds of sugar, a packet of tea, and three-quarters of water. So that sugar that they are getting in each cup of a sweet tea might make them having diabetes, also it is harmful. To many things are getting changed in this world and some of them are like an energy drink, adding nutrition facts into the food, even when it does not need it, also that makes it expensive as well because they are adding to many things into it, and lastly fresh food made by farmers and how hard they work. Half of American people have an energy drink every single day to gain more energy for the day to start working well, because most people don’t get enough rest. They think they are protecting themselves by drinking those vitamins.They know that it will affect their bodies, but people keep taking it, and they don’t care about themselves. Moreover, it is totally wrong to keep eating or drinking something that will make you sick instead of…

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