The French Historian And Philosopher, Michel Foucault Essay examples

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The French historian and philosopher, Michel Foucault, argues that a society can greatly influence how a certain subject is perceived and that an idea becomes dominantly accepted throughout the community, especially if issues that involve the majority of society arouse the concerns of the people. Gender roles are formed by what society deems acceptable. These societal norms are often the opinion of the majority. Those who adhere from said norms are often oppressed by the tyranny of the majority. Depending on the society, deviating from these roles can result in rejection and even include harmful consequences. As society adapts and develops towards modernity, its ideas an evolve and change over time. Gender stereotypes can have positive and negative aspects as it can help construct one’s character or restrict development and expression of those people. When society goes through significant historical events, it can lead to drastic changes in gender roles as urgency and despair wash over that society. By examining media outlets from a specific historical event, one can study their individual gender characteristics and the development it has undergone over the years, if there are any changes. World War I, like many other significant wars, has placed specific gender identities upon its inhabitants that reflect in present day society. Through media outlets, such as propaganda, members of society place pressures upon men during times of duress and conflict, which shape male gender…

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