The Great Silent By Richard Nixon Essay

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When Richard Nixon took office as president of the United States of America in 1969, he was forced into a role where a small decision made would affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of men fighting in a country halfway around the globe, and the fate of a divided country. Following anti-war protests on October 14, 1969, and immediately after taking office, the new president Nixon reaffirms his stance as president of the United States, the leader of the people, through his speech titled “The Great Silent Majority”, one month later on November 3, 1969. The historical background of Nixon’s speech combined with his repeated use of the rhetorical elements, and combined with a more approachable tone, make his speech a powerful one that will resonate with the American people and justify his stance on the war. This speech allows Nixon to rise up and become a passionate and relentless leader who will not stop at making America a great country, a country that is able to reach out to not only its own citizens, but to other countries as well
Topic 1: He uses his powerful logos to affirm his stance as leader and to justify his cause to continue on with the war in an effort to protect an allied nation from attacks. His extensive use of “we” also proves to show that this is not only for him and his pride, but also for the best national interests of We the People of the United States. In the beginning, Nixon already proves his logos by stating some important facts and statistics about…

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