The Great Train Robbery Of 1855 Essay

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The film The Great Train Robbery is based on the events of the Great Gold Robbery of 1855. The creative depiction, directed by Michael Crichton, is an excellent supplemental source of information for the students enrolled in History 102. This film can be quite useful for the students due to the accurate portrayal of urban life in England during the 1850s. Certain aspects of urban life were covered in great detail in the film. For example, the role of women in society, class structure in England, and life in the newly overcrowded, urban areas. Throughout the film, women were portrayed in ways that were extremely gender biased, which was accurate for the time period. Women were seen as weak, useless, and objects of lust for men. As stated in class lecture, women were believed to be less capable of performing skilled labor. This often led to them being tied to the domestic sphere, and working in a home environment. Men became the breadwinners of the household during the industrial revolution. The films portrayal of this aspect of social life is very well done and creates a better understanding of the topic for the students. In the film students are able to see and hear women being brought to a lower level, and it is reinforced to them that women were not seen as equal in this time period. For example, in the first few minutes of the film, a group of wealthy men are discussing the topic of women’s suffrage. They comment that women are far too emotional and illogical to be…

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