Essay on The Health Of Native American Indians

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Initially, the first theme involves the health of Native American Indians, beginning with Harjo’s article, which emphasizes the harmful ‘Native Food’ called frybread. This commodity food was issued by the government and became a staple in the lives Natives. Harjo states, “Frybread is emblematic of the long trails from home freedom to confinement, and rations. It is the connecting dot between healthy children and obesity, hypertension, diabetes, dialysis, blindness, amputations and a slow death. If frybread were a movie, it would be hard-core porn. No redeeming qualities. Zero nutrition”(282). Harjo acknowledges that the government altered Natives’ diets when they relocated them to unknown lands, as a means of assimilation. I was unaware that our beloved frybread was linked to devastating diseases and the government administered its ingredients. Continuing, Hurst’s documentary of Beau LeBeau, provided insight of the effects that the altered diets have on the lives of unhealthy Natives across the nation. Hurst captured the tribulations that many Indians face on a daily basis, such as not being able to move freely or receiving a good night’s sleep due to sleep apnea from being obese. Furthermore, LeBeau expressed the emotional toll that being in poor health and having diabetes have on a person and their family. However, diabetes and obesity is not the only diseases that affect Natives, but also alcoholism, as Joe denotes. Her article brings awareness to the recurring ailments…

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