The Home Depot Foundation, And Ethical Framework Essay example

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The Home Depot mission has the vision, and ethical framework, to be a major contributor to all of many causes above. Two of their values are giving back to our community and doing the right things. On the website doing the right things is quoted a, "doing the right thing" instead of just "doing things right".(Home 2016) They continually do above and beyond works in the community by helping with building project that donating equipment to help build and repairs homes and shelters in many low income neighborhood.
The Home Depot foundation has many success stories of their contribution to the homeless and veterans One of their project is called Teens Depot where they help with taking of the yards, painting taking teen kids along with adult to help build community for the homeless and Veteran. Since 2008 the Hope Depot foundation has donate more than 150 million items to has been donated to 1,600+ local nonprofit organizations reaching more than 600,000 low-income families and give an average of ten million dollars directly to veterans (Production 2016).
They also work to protect the environment with such project as Hazardous Material program and they help with the recycling of waste such as plants, they have their green waste bins they keep at their stores. The Home Depot foundation main mission is that they seek to provide for families in need and seek to help people around the community.
The culture and make up of The Home Depot made my choice easy for me to choose…

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