The Internet Between College Students Essay

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Literature Review Interactivity has been one of the most widely cited uses of the internet among college students (Anderson, 2001). Users has found immense number of ways to communicate with each other through open, regulated and closed channels of correspondence through the internet. The internet allows users to maintain existing offline relationships, seek new relationships and establish virtual connections allowing for more room to interact compared to traditional social settings. Interactivity has been widely studies and found to be multi-dimensional encompassing at least user to user and user to content components (Anderson, 2001). Interactivity was subsumed under the behavioral needs students fulfill while using the internet (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2010). College students widely differ with respect to their abilities in initiating and maintaining interactions and the internet allowed many to expand such capabilities (De Leo, & Wulfert, 2013). Beuschel, Gaiser, & Draheim, (2003) identified three main gratifications internet users fulfill while using various features of communication including forums and messaging boards: entertainment, recreation and diversion. Internet users, including college students, seek to utilize the resource to obtain personal enjoyment of various types. Valenzuela, Park, & Kee, (2009) suggested that college students use the internet to escape judgments and establish more private interactions on the cyberspace. Students indicated that they…

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