Essay on The Major Types Of Eating Disorder

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Even though America prizes thinness, America has become one of the biggest country ever recorded. I think everyone worry about their, but are lazy to do something about it or is hard for them. If a person has an eating disorder harm themselves by eating too much and get fat and could die from it. Eating disorder is defined by obsessive concerns with weight and disruptive eating patterns that negatively impact physical and mental health. In this essay you will learn how psychotherapy helps people repair from the three major types of eating disorder.
The first major type of eating disorder is anorexia nervosa which makes a person think they are fat but the person is really skinny. This person would not eat, exercising a lot, does not eat in front of other people, and lose weight fast and may even kill themselves by starving to death. The second type is bulimia nervosa where a person eats a lot but then throws it all up by making themselves or exercising. The person usually keeps this a secret because they feel ashamed, but the person does it because it makes them feel better that their stomachs are empty. The third type is binge eating disorder where the person eats out of control, but do not make themselves throw up or do exercise. Other people have similar problems but does not reach the official criteria for the three major eating disorder. If you start seeing yourself getting fat please see a psychologist if you think you have an eating disorder.
The people who suffer…

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